Got Furniture to Sell?

Don't want the hassle of selling it yourself?

Let us do it for you at One of A Kind ... Kansas City's newest consignment furniture store.

You won't have to worry about advertising. You won't have to stop what you are doing to meet with a stranger that wants to come to your house to see what you have for sale.

No up-front cost to you... we get paid only when your furniture is sold.

  • Let us display your furniture in a beautiful retail setting.
  • Let us worry about the advertising.
  • Let us field the phone calls.
  • Let us deal with the public.
  • Let us take care of all these things and more while you continue to go about your life with one less thing to worry about.

One Of A Kind...your kind of consignment furniture store.

Located next to Dollar General & Tuesday Morning in the Mission Mart Shopping Center, southeast corner of Johnson Drive and Nall in Mission Kansas


GOT FURNITURE TO SELL? Let us do it for you at One of A Kind! Learn More...