About Us

One Of A Kind is Kansas City’s newest furniture consignment showroom.  Our concept is very simple…if you have furniture or other home furnishing items and accessories that you want to sell, you can bring them to our store, and we will sell them for you.  Once you bring your items to us, we will do the rest.  


  • You won’t have to worry about spending money on advertising
  • You won’t have to field phone calls
  • You won’t have strangers coming to your house to see what you have for sale  
  • You won’t have to worry about anything…we will do everything for you  


Let us place your merchandise in the quiet setting of our beautiful showroom where it will be displayed for hundreds of people to see.   Since we are not your typical retail furniture store selling the same products over and over again, your furniture items will be unique to all other items in our store.  They will truly be One Of A Kind.

Are you looking to buy furniture and other home accessories, but you don’t want to pay the high prices for new furniture at a retail store?  Come in and browse our showroom where you will find good quality, pre-owned furniture at prices that will save you 40% to 60% compared to buying new.  Whether you’re buying or selling, One Of A Kind will give you the best of both worlds.  

GOT FURNITURE TO SELL? Let us do it for you at One of A Kind! Learn More...